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Peace Pastor, how are you? I wanted to share about the move of God we are experiencing in our cell group through The 7 Good Things project! Yesterday we visited our 3rd house! The whole family gave their lives to Jesus and while we were sharing from your book, my unbeliever friend listened in tears! At the end, after the family had made a confession of faith, we prayed for them and God gave me a word of knowledge for their daughter, the one who had seemed most indifferent to what we were saying. She started to cry and I clearly saw God changing her heart. Then everyone started to cry a lot! You see she had been talking about suicide and had been hanging out in bad company and smoking marijuana. Her father, who also seemed indifferent at this time, was also in tears, even though he had been sitting apart from us, listening from a distance. It was a powerful night!

Testimony - Laryssa

Testimonies: 7 Good Things in Homes

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