Cópia de Cópia de Cópia de Capacitando u

Gathering of Evangelists

100 evangelists gathered for our week-long intensive training called “Immersion”. 


The course to the form of:


  • Early: Team Prayer Groups (prayer and studies based on the lives of previous generations)


  • Mornings: Fishermen of Men (our effective evangelism course)


  • Afternoons: Evangelism workshops (the use of theatre, arts and other tools in evangelism)


  • Afternoons: Evangelism in parks (personal evangelism)


  • Evenings: Anointing services (awakening the spiritual gifts)


  • Evenings: Grace Festivals (miracle crusades in city squares)


Pr. Claudio Lisses

Training and Evangelism:


Personal evangelism took place in the local city park and then a “Flashmob” in the shopping centre. Hundreds of people joined in.


A young lady who had never won a soul for Christ, in one afternoon led 6 people to the Lord; later she won a further 3 more using our booklet “The 11th Question”.



  • Ev. Giles Stevens ministered about the wisdom and anointing of an evangelist, where many received wisdom and anointing to preach the gospel.

  • Ev. Cristopher Vergara ministered about the heart and character of an evangelist; where many were deeply touched by the Holy Spirit.

  • Ev. Joel Fiúza ministered about healing and deliverance, teaching about the authority that Jesus give to fulfil our ministries.


You had to be there!


The power and glory of God was so manifest that an anointing service lasted 8 hours without stopping. After 3 am the brothers were still dancing and celebrating in the presence of God. Hallelujah!